WrightStone Granite

Granite Worktops

We offer our customers a complete advice, design and installation service. This includes selecting the right colour-type and finish for your granite worktop.


The Wright Stone offers a wide selection of quality granite, imported from countries world wide. Due to natural processes that create granite and marble, there are infinite variances in colour formed. Below you will find a basic range of common granite colours.

Design and Styling

Every job aims to be a potential inspiring showpiece for another customer. Visit the 'Design Examples' page to be inspired.

Cutting and Edging

To create a functional work surface, granite slabs need to be cut and milled to create the correct finish.

To make sure we maintain our high standards of work we thoroughly check each piece of granite we send out to be fitted. Checking the polish finish, fitting, bevels and other cut areas.


To see granite samples, follow the links below

Sample Gallery 1

Sample Gallery 2

Sample Gallery 3

Sample Gallery 4


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